Why Flex™ technology is different

  • The first breast pump shield designed to adapt to your shape – rotates 360°, four tunnel sizes, flexible rim

  • Overflow protection (closed system) so you can pump sitting in a position that works for you

  • Developed following four clinical studies and shown to improve milk flow

When you’re expressing milk for your baby, you want the experience to be as easy as possible. Flex™ is a big step forward in breast-pumping technology. Developed with the help of a team of research scientists and breastfeeding mums, Flex™ technology breast pumps are the first pumps designed to adapt to fit your shape for more efficient, comfortable expression.

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Flex™ technology – a whole new pumping experience

Flex™ technology – a whole new pumping experience

When you’re pumping breast milk for your baby – whether occasionally or every day – you want the experience to be as comfortable and efficient as possible.

The breast shield – the part of the breast pump set that fits over your nipple and breast as you express – plays a key role in both comfort and efficiency during milk removal.1 With this in mind, Medela has always strived to offer a range of breast shield tunnel sizes to suit various nipple diameters, yet the teams at Medela wondered if the breast shield could be optimised even further.

Room for improvement

Room for improvement

A breast shield has two main parts, a tunnel for the nipple to move back and forth in, and a wider, angled part that is placed over the breast, known as a flange. Ideally it should follow the shape of your breast and not compress it, as Dr Danielle Prime, Breastfeeding Research Associate at Medela’s Medical Research Department, explains: “The opening angle on a typical breast shield flange is 90°. Although this shape of flange works well, it doesn’t look like many breasts I’ve come across in my research career!


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